Calligraphy & Lettering Design Inspiration

There are many things that provide inspiration for my calligraphy and lettering design work. I love to walk. At the beginning of the day it is an opportunity to think about what lies ahead and the work I need to do. In the late afternoon, it enables a transition from work to home life and a chance to reflect on the day.

When my horse, Harry, was alive, the main purpose of my walks would be to see him, give him his feeds and muck out the stable and field. Now I just set off and see where the path takes me. I very much enjoy taking photographs, and the beautiful surrounding countryside and the wonders of nature, are always inspirational. I take a similar approach with my calligraphy: make a start and enjoy the journey, keeping an open mind and looking for the gems of inspiration.

On my walks I look for pattern, texture, light, and shade, and very much enjoy the changing seasons and the photographic opportunities they offer. From the frosty mornings with icy puddles, and the dew-laden spiders’ webs, to the shadows cast by bare tree branches, and the bright colours of spring, it is always exciting. And if I can chat to some equine friends along the way, so much the better!

‘Despite first lifting the pen in 1981, I am more enthused than ever.’

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