Looking Beyond the Literal Letter Calligraphy Workshop

calligraphy workshop looking beyond literal line

Once one masters the ductus and has a thorough understanding of the structure of letterforms, we need to make them our own. This looking beyond the literal letter calligraphy workshop will explore ways of looking at letters in a more abstract way while moving away from the rigidity of writing between two lines.  The ultimate goal of this class will be to develop a fresh and unique style based on your own existing style.

  • Writing common groups of letters, both upper and lowercase in skeletal form.
  • Looking at the length, angle and position of each stroke and their relationship to one another and how they can be altered for effect.
  • Analysing the counter and exterior spaces of each letter and positioning ensuing letters accordingly.
  • Exploring how far the strokes can be pushed and the extremes of letter design without losing clarity.
  • Looking at how they change when weight is added and different tools are used.
  • Designing whole alphabets and assembling words to make unique and expressive designs.

Suitable for a 1 or 2 day workshop

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