Copperplate Variations Calligraphy Workshop

calligraphy workshop copperplate variations

This copperplate variations calligraphy workshop is about looking at the essential components of the copperplate style and exploring a new way of looking at it. Many of the ‘rules’ are the same, but stroke terminals, joins, spacing and letter shapes can all be altered to make a style which is fine and elegant, with a creative twist.

  • Pen handling. The correct angle to the page and the correct position in the hand to achieve the perfect line.
  • Looking at two different, but interchangeable variations in style, and analysing the characteristics and key elements of both.
  • Practicing the subtle variations in letter height and experimenting with a varying x-height.
  • Looking at letter spacing and how it can vary yet still achieve a balanced piece.
  • Experimenting with placing words together and how to make a successful design.

Suitable for a 2 day workshop

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