Drawn and Shaded Letters Using Charcoal

Calligraphy Workshop

calligraphy workshop drawn shaded letters

Drawing skills are essential to calligraphy and lettering. The hand skills and accuracy required really help in creating successful letterforms. This drawn and shaded letters using charcoal calligraphy class is essentially about those hand skills, with the focus on developing a free capitals style reminiscent of Versals.

  • Look at the construction of the capital letters and practice the alphabet.
  • Learn the techniques of using Cont√© pencils and compressed charcoal: drawing, shading, blending and the use of eraser lines.
  • Work on large individual letters and the placement of the red dot!
  • Experiment with changing the primary tool and using ruling pens to draw the letters.
  • Work further on words and designs of groups of letters to produce finished pieces.

Suitable for a 1 day workshop

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