Ruling Pen Techniques: Cola, Folded & Pointed Ruling Pens Calligraphy Workshop

calligraphy workshop ruling pen techniques

The ruling pen is a very versatile tool not least because it comes in more than one form: the folded, the pointed, and the Cola pen. Even then there are different shapes within these groups which affect the marks made. In this ruling pen techniques calligraphy workshop we will:

  • Look at the various tools and make a Cola pen.
  • The ruling pen, of whichever sort, makes a unique line. Pen manipulation and the position in the hand, forms a large part of this. This will be demonstrated and students will then experiment themselves.
  • Looking at the marks made, how to achieve the spatter effect and instruction on how to enhance lines through touch-up.
  • Practicing both formal and informal letter shapes – the ultimate contrast.
  • Working on finished pieces: large multi-lined, textural letters; built-up capitals; word design or a combination of all.

Suitable for a 1 or 2 day workshop

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