Copperplate: The Swelling Line Online Course


Explore a formal, but unique style of copperplate, while learning the secrets of the swelling line in my online copperplate calligraphy course. This technique produces a script which has life and elegance.


If you’ve been struggling with copperplate, having problems handling the pointed pen, not sure about adding the weighted strokes, and trying to get the correct shapes; then this online copperplate calligraphy course is for you. If you are more experienced and now feel confident with all the basics, then this course is also for you. It will help you concentrate on detail and identify and correct common problems. Whatever your experience, you will learn a different way of approaching copperplate: one that employs the swelling line and concentrates on all those small details needed to write this beautiful script.

In this course, you will learn about tools and materials and how to get started. There are detailed explanations and demonstrations of each lowercase and capital letter, followed by everything you need to know about joining letters and putting them together to make words.

Course includes

  • Almost 3 hours of high quality video.
  • An introduction on how to get started.
  • Instruction for writing lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Instruction for joining letters and writing words.
  • A PDF guideline sheet.
  • Lowercase, capital and numeral PDF sheets.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.


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